8 Women’s Essential Vitamins and Minerals

There are manufacturers who are now manufacturing women’s vitamins. This is because women have distinct needs when compared to those of what their male counterparts require. Well, if you are a woman looking for one, you just cannot pick up from whatever is available in the market.

Women who are health conscious understand their dietary requirements alteration in every phase of their lives. Pregnant women require sufficient amount of folic acid to avert birth imperfections. Women in their menopausal stages require an intensified amount of vitamin D to maintain the strength of their bones. Before you ever buy best multivitamin for women, you should consider how the different multivitamins perform.

Description of  Women’s Vitamin

Vitamins are described as elemental substances that play an important role in majority of your body’s development by means of joining in the response in your cells. Every form of vitamin has a particular purpose in your body and there is no specific food that has all the vitamins you require. Apart from vitamin D, your body has no ability to produce vitamins. You need to obtain them from the foods you consume and from daily vitamin supplements.

Best Daily Vitamins for Women

On the special phases of your life, your body requires particular types of vitamins. If you cannot obtain these vitamins there is a great danger for severe health troubles. You may consider the following vitamins for help.

  • Antioxidant vitamins. This is a kind of vitamin every woman needs to neutralize the movements of free radicals in their bodies. Free radicals can disturb and destroy important cell configurations such as cell membranes. Antioxidants have the ability to bind up these contaminants and to eliminate their harmful strength. It can also help lessen the danger of chronic ailments and decelerate the aging process.
  • Vitamin C. This contains wound healing properties and participates in the development of red blood cells. It can also enhance the concentration of brain substances called norepinephrine, a kind of neurotransmitter which enhances your attentiveness and awareness.
  • B vitamins. Vitamin B12 and B6 are equally important to take especially if you are already beyond 50 years old. They can help in metabolism, regular cell division, and protein synthesis.
  • Folate. This is elemental in the growth of your central nervous system. This is considered as a main nutrient that can aid in the creation of DNA and RNA, known as the building blocks of cells. It can also avert changes to DNA which can control cancer. In addition, it can construct regular red blood cells to avoid anemia. Pregnant women with folate insufficiency may have birth imperfections like spina bifida, an imperfect shutting down of the spine.
  • Vitamin D. This is classified as a type of fat-soluble vitamin, which works as a kind of hormone in your body. It has the capacity to trigger the movements of vital minerals in your body such as calcium and phosphorus to maintain the strength of your bones. This can help you avoid osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin E. The other name given to vitamin E is tocopherol. It has an important function in the development of blood cells as well as the sustenance of cell membranes. It can also help slow down the process of aging. Vitamin E deficiency may result to intestinal disorders known as mal-absorption.
  • Vitamin B6. This is also identified as pyridoxine, which plays an important role in metabolism and proper functioning of the brain. Insufficiency from this kind of vitamin can lead to anemia. You should remember not to overdo this type of vitamin though as it can be poisonous particularly if taken in greater dosages.
  • Vitamin K. This is also another kind of elemental vitamin that every woman needs to make sure that they have stronger bones.

Having known about all these most important and essential vitamins for women, you will certainly have the chance to pick the right multivitamins for you. A combination of two or more of the vitamins mentioned above can form women’s multivitamins There are a lot of options to choose from in the market.

One product containing essential women vitamins is known as Ultra Herbal Women’s Health Formula. This product contains Vitamin D as well as calcium which are both noted for giving stronger bones. You will certainly want to have one of the best multivitamin supplements for women.

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