Best Tan Accelerator Lotions and Creams

Are you planning for a hot date of big dance in the near future and hoping to look your very best? It’s no surprise if you do, because in most cases we all want to look our best and make heads turn. One way to stand out from the crowd is with a stunning golden tan and these days it’s easier than ever to accomplish this.

It’s no longer necessary for you to spend hours upon hours laying on the beach or poolside (although both are still nice) in order to get a healthy tan. In the 21st century the quick and easy way to tan is to use a tan accelerator to get that beautiful golden skin you crave.

In case you’ve never heard about tanning accelerators, they are lotions or creams that you apply to your skin to accelerate the process of tanning. As more and more people become aware of them and see the great results they can get using them they have become more popular.

Thanks to this popularity there are now quite a few tanning accelerator products for you to choose from and this article will tell you what to look for to get the best results when using a tanning accelerator.


As with any cosmetic product your best choices are going to be the all natural tanning accelerators. That’s because you don’t want to put any chemicals on your skin if it’s not necessary. Some chemicals can be absorbed into your skin and have nasty side effects over time, so avoid the chemicals and stick with natural tanning lotions. Some of the most common natural ingredients in today’s tan accelerators are plant extracts and amino acids, specifically Tyrosine.

Tyrosine helps by stimulating melanin production (that’s what makes your skin look dark) as well as making the skin hold moisture better. Making your body produce more melanin is really what these taning accelerators are all about. Maintaining the moisture levels in your skin is actually pretty important in keeping a dark even tan as moist skin tans better and is as apt to peel and flake.

Speaking of moisture, you’ll find that all of the better tan accelerators will contain some sort of moisturizer for your skin. Shea butter and cocoa butter are common as are several types of oils such as hemp seed and Emu. Antioxidants are another popular addition and they are there to help fight against the free radicals generated by tanning. These free radicals can damage your skin over time, making it look older than it really is.

Do Tanning Accelerators Really Work?

Absolutely tan accelerators can help you get a tan much quicker than tanning in the sun or tanning beds. Depending on your skin type you may see the effects within 2-3 application although others may take more than that. Also important is the amount of sun or UV radiation your skin is exposed to.

The nice thing about tan accelerators is that they come in a variety of gels, creams and lotions so you have a wide variety of choices. You can even get some that come as pills. The pill form of this product has not been FDA approved at this point, but since the main ingredient is Tyrosine they are generally considered safe. Still, if you prefer not to ingest anything you don’t have all the facts on you should stick with the external tanning accelerators.

The most widely accepted usage of these products is to use them in conjunction with lying out in the sun or using a tanning bed. This gives your tan an instant boost so you get results much faster.

Using Accelerator Tanning Lotions

Now that you have the facts you are probably ready to get started accelerating your tan. There are plenty of places to get good information about tan accelerator products, but since you are at your computer now the internet is likely the easiest way. There are many sites that review individual tanning accelerator products and have them for sale.

You want to be sure to choose the correct accelerator for your skin type, so if you have dark skin find one made for that and if you have fair skin for one that is formulated for fair skin. This will definitely help you get the best results. If you choose a product that isn’t right for you the results could be off color or streaky and that definitely isn’t what you want.

If you already use a tanning salon ask the people there for suggestions. They should have a wide range of products and be familiar with which ones have given the best results for previous clients. You can also ask your friends or family members what they use.

One final thing to consider when choosing a tanning accelerator is whether or not it has any fragrance added. This is very personal as some odors can be offensive to some while smelling great to others. Also, many people with sensitive skin may find themselves having a reaction to some fragrances. Also consider the “feel” of the lotion or cream. If you would be bothered feeling greasy or sticky when applying the accelerator then try to find one with a grease-less feel.

Now you may not be an expert on tan accelerators, but you certainly have enough information to get out there and choose a few that might be right for you.


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