How to Treat Sensitive Skin

This article will show you top tips on how to take care of sensitive skin. To begin with, sensitive skin is not a type of skin. It is a condition of the skin. The condition might change depending upon the season, lifestyle and your habits. In fact, every type of skin might be sensitive. There are various factors able to cause sensitivity of your skin. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Incorrect skin care and use of cosmetics of low quality;
  • Quick change of temperature and environment (in winter – cold and snowstorm outside, but conditioner and heating in room; in summer – sun and briny sea or ocean water);
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Allergy;
  • Health problems related to stomach;
  • Insufficient food and drugs (usually antibiotics).

Nevertheless, the most common cause of sensitive skin refers to a sudden change in temperature. Cold facilitates vaporization of water in skin cells resulting in reduced natural protection ability of your skin.

At the beginning of winter your skin is able to deal with irritating environmental factors, but in the long run the protection ability of the skin and the elasticity of blood vessels reduce.

It is mainly due to the fact that blood vessels narrow in cold and widen in warmth. As a result, blood vessels remain widened and may lead to serious skin diseases (for instance, rosacea – very unpleasant disease characterized by widened visible blood vessels on your face) unless the sensitivity of the skin is noticed and treated for a long time.

There are various tips to help you deal with the problem. So it is all about your wish and willingness to solve it.

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive skin quickly gets red and dry in response to change in temperature. In addition, it might start to peel. If you wash your face with water or cleanse it with skin care products for sensitive skin in the evening, feel itching and irritation or certain areas of your face (such as, chin, forehead or cheeks) become red and tiny pimples appear on your face, you should visit specialist.

You might try to deal with sensitive skin on your own. However, it is unlikely you are going to solve this problem without professional help. It is more likely this skin problem is going to develop taking even more effort and time to solve it.

Expert will assess the exact condition of your skin and run any tests if necessary. In addition, there can be performed skin diagnostics to determine the wetness and oiliness of the skin. These tests help expert to draw up the course of treatment you should perform to get rid of sensitive skin.

Best Facial Products For Sensitive Skin – How To Take Care Of It

Have you just been ill and had to use antibiotics to treat the disease? Have you started to use new powder or powder cream? Have you eaten a lot of sweeties, chocolate, muffins, mandarins and sweetened drinks? If only one answer out of three is yes, most likely skin sensitivity is going to be temporary and vanish after some time. However, if you believe causes mentioned above are not responsible for your sensitive skin, you should definitely visit specialist.

The specialist will evaluate the condition of your skin and advise the most suitable procedure to calm the skin down. Rough scrubs or peelings containing fruit acids are not advisable for sensitive skin. People with this skin condition should avoid face massages, as well. You should choose gentle and medical facial mask instead of it. Masks containing hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, panthenol, grape stone oil, omega-6, evening primrose oil and borage are the best sensitive skin products.

When taking care of your skin at home, you cannot go wrong with sensitive skin solutions bought at the drugstore. There are various sensitive skin cosmetics available on the market, for instance, eye cream, face cream, facial moisturizer, toner and many more. Just be sure to get cosmetics intended just for this condition of your skin. It is due to the fact that these products contain more medical substances responsible for strengthening of your skin and making it more resistant to environmental factors. In addition, these substances tend to normalize the natural micro flora of your skin.

What To Avoid

You should avoid using cosmetics rich in essential oil or ethanol. It is due to their ability to speed up circulation of blood that, in its turn, is unnecessary irritation of face blood vessels. Hot and strong drinks are not advisable to use, as well. In addition, you should not go to solarium. If you do winter sports, you should definitely apply a thick layer of barrier cream to your face before going out. Let the cream absorb for at least an hour to allow the skin to form the essential protective layer. This layer is going to protect your skin from the environmental factors excluding possible irritation.

How To Strengthen Your Skin

Skin cells contain lipid layer and wetness, which are responsible for tone and elasticity of your skin. In order to increase the protection ability of your skin, you should perform vitamin cure (omega-6 and evening primrose oil capsules are proven to improve the health of your skin). Along with the course of treatment, you should drink at least 6 glasses of pure water (coffee, tea and juice do not count) per day. You should pamper your skin by applying protective day cream daily during cold weather. It is going to facilitate the formation of new skin cells, which, in their turn, will help to form epidermal membrane and stimulate the regeneration of skin.

Herbal Skin Treatment

There are various home remedies and herbal treatments for sensitive skin. Follow these simple tips on how to use the herbs to cure sensitive skin.

  • If your skin is red and itchy, you should prepare gentle compress. Infuse 3 teaspoons of chamomile and a teaspoon of calendula with 200 milliliters of boiling water. Let the infusion brew for 10-15 minutes and saturate terry cloth or a piece of gauze with it. Put the warm compress on your face (the compress should be warm and not hot). Afterwards, wash your face with cool infusion.
  • Pestle linseeds to get a tablespoon of them and mix with a tablespoon of peppermint and a tablespoon of chamomile. Infuse the mix of herbs with boiling water and let the infusion brew for some time. When the tincture has become cool, decant it and use it for a compress. It is a great remedy to calm sensitive skin down.
  • Mix a tablespoon of potato starch with 300 milliliters of water and saturate a piece of gauze with the mixture. Cleanse your face and put the compress on your skin for 10 minutes. It is proven to calm your skin down.

Final Verdict

To sum up, sensitive skin is rather a skin condition than type of skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should simply change your every-day skin care habits to regain the vitality, radiance and health of your skin by following sensitive skin care tips described above.

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