Best Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment of 2018

What is Salicylic Acid treatment ? Salicylic Acid is another common active ingredient used in treatments for acne. Wikipedia describes it as a beta hydroxy acid, which is a little complicated but in the cosmetics world a beta hydroxyl acid is used as an anti-aging product. Although, anti-aging is not the main reason we are here, it is a nice side affect to what some people find to be an effective acne treatment.

Best Salicylic Acid Products for Acne in 2017/2018

Salicylic acid works as a “keratolytic” which basically means it has 2 advantages. Firstly it softens the keratin (a major component of the skin) which means that excess skin and dead cells are shed easily which in turn reduces blockages and environments where bacteria thrive.

Secondly, it reduces the production of skin which in turn means that there are less blockages in the hair follicles and clears the way for other active ingredients to kill bacteria and remove excess sebum which is the cause the oily skin.

In short, it works as an antibacterial exfoliate eliminating 2 of the 3 main causes of acne thus eliminating the symptoms that occur (as can be seen in the Causes of acne page on this website)

There are also some anti-inflammatory properties to a Salicylic acid product. This means that not only will it help reduce the frequency of your acne symptoms but will also stop the pimples that you have from becoming larger, inflamed and red as infection sets in.

Concentrations of Salicylic Acid Acne Products

When used as an acne medication, whether it’s an acne body or face wash, gel, solution or cream, the concentration of Salicylic Acid is usually between 0.5% and 5%. If you have a product that is around 2-5% the normal recommended use of this is once daily. If you have treatment from 0.5% to 2% than this can be used 2 or even 3 times daily. We would recommend using the little and often method because it will reduce your chances of side effects and make them more controllable.

Side effects of The Treatment

The majority of people will experience little or no side effects when keeping to the directions of use that come with the product. However, in some cases when people are sensitive to Salicylic Acid or are overusing the product they can experience dry, scaling, peeling and red skin and inflamed hair follicles. In extreme cases these symptoms can increase to cause rashes and other allergic reactions.

If you do experience negative side effects it is advisable to see your doctor but if they are mild they can usually be solved by reducing the use.

Best Acne Treatment

Welcome to Journal Beauty we are the top resource for you acne skin care needs, Here you will find information to help you gain acne control for better skin care.

Feel free to read our articles on acne solutions and remedies to help you become Acne Free and yes it is true that most people can become Acne Free the problem is that most people do not know what to do or how to do it.

I want help you find the best acne treatment or solution because you don’t have to continue suffering with acne for the rest of your life and you have nothing to lose but your acne and the embarrassment of having that pimple or blackhead right there on your face for the whole world to see.

There are many home remedies for acne and many people find them to be some of the best acne treatments but you must keep in mind that every treatment will not work for everyone and the reason being is that everyone’s body is not the same therefore your body may react differently to and acne cream than someone else.

I am going to share with you what causes acne and most of the myths about acne are only myths and are not proven to be facts, Most theories have been passed down through many generations and a lot of people still believe in them but most are not true at all or don’t have any facts to back them up.

There are many different kinds of acne and people of all ages can get acne at some point in there life and many seem to never be able to get rid of acne no matter what acne care or home remedy for acne that they try and some may even call it bad acne.

There are different types of acne medications such as an adult acne treatment. If you’re an adult female or male with acne, acne medications can be more aggressive or you may be able to use a stronger medication, Many doctors prescribe acne medications that will help most people control there acne but most of the time it will not cure your acne and it also will not work for everyone.

I will share with you many acne tips and home remedies that could help you end your acne problem as well as the best pimple treatments that have helped thousands of people just like you.

You will have to treat your acne control process just the same as you would any other goal that you plan on accomplishing, You must take action and getting rid of acne is your goal, So if you really want to have acne control you first have to start taking action now with an Salicylic Acid treatment that will work for you.

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