Lift Wand Pro Reviews

The Lift Wand Pro is new and improved and includes a total of 7 electrodes and a micro-needle roller. The unit is fully-equipped for professional treatment to the skin. The most powerful and versatile anti-aging device is now even better than ever!

The high frequency facial kit includes 7 electrodes, each designed for a specific application area, making it truly versatile. This model was upgraded from its prior model which came with 4 electrodes, and the present model also includes the breakthrough micro-needle roller for better penetration into the skin. The new lift wand performs just as well as the earlier model did, utilizing high-frequency currents to increase blood circulation to specific areas while eliminating bacteria and improving skin elasticity and collagen production.

Lift Wand Pro High Frequency Facial Machine-2

Lift Wand Pro Review

Features and Specifications:

  • Complete, all-in-one beauty kit
  • New and improved over its previous model
  • Powerful enough for salon use
  • Ease of application for home use
  • Includes DVD instruction
  • Advanced 7 electrodes
  • Includes micro-needle roller for superior penetration into skin
  • Anti-aging benefits

The reviews for this product on have been very positive and it currently has a review rating of 3.9 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

The majority of the customer feedback for the Lift Wand Pro on Amazon has been very positive. There have also been a few complaints made by reviewers, and we will discuss them now for the benefit of our readers.
The most common complaint about this tool has been with regard to its quality, with a few reviewers stating that their product arrived broken in the mail, leaving them unable to use the machine until they were able to have it replaced by the manufacturer. Some buyers stated that it broke quickly after they purchased it, while others mention that the unit felt as if it were made of poor quality materials.
Another problem that buyers had with this device was that the unit did not come with instructions, even though a DVD was advertised to come with the machine. Buyers who did not understand how to use the unit felt frustrated and mention that it took them a long time to figure out how to use all of the electrodes.
Finally, buyers did mention that customer service was not easy to get in touch with, and one reviewer stated that they could not reach anyone from the company at all. This was understandably frustrating to the buyer who’s machine broke soon after receiving it, as they could not get replacement parts for the unit.
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The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative comments about the Lift Wand Pro that we have just discussed, the majority of the customer feedback has been very positive and 74% of the reviewers have given the product a 5-star rating.
What buyers loved about the Facial Equipment is that it really worked. Reviewers stated that they could begin to see a difference in their skin in just two weeks, with their skin becoming brighter and visibly radiant. Other customers mention that it took a little longer for them to see results, with some as long as 3 months, but they stated that they didn’t mind waiting because this product did what it said it would do.
Reviewers liked that the machine was easy to use and came with a DVD that made it simple to follow along and learn how to use all of the attachments, which was another thing that they loved about the product. The assortment of electrodes meant that the machine could be used in a variety of ways, which was a big hit with customers.
Buyers were in agreement that this device was well worth the money they spent on it and even recommended it to their friends and family.

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Would we recommend the Lift Wand Pro to our readers?
Yes, and here is why:
Although a small percentage of buyers received their product broken in the mail, we found absolutely no negative feedback for this product stating that it didn’t work for the customer. Overwhelmingly, buyers mention over and over that this product did what it was advertised to do- make your skin look younger and more radiant. It’s easy for us to recommend this product to prospective buyers who are thinking about making the purchase, and we have the confidence to do so after reading so many positive stories from buyers.

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