Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin 2017

If you are dealing with combination skin, then you are probably wondering “what is a good skin care product for combination skin?” You need products that will not make matters worse. It is very important that you only use well-formulated products that are designed specifically for the mix of skin types that you have.

In many cases this will mean that you need to use different products on different sections of your face. For example, you might need to shop for lighter-weight gels or oil-absorbing products for the T-zone area and creams or lotions for those drier spots on your face. It may also mean that you need to opt for an acne treatment over the areas in which you’re breaking out and moisturizers on all of the drier areas— including around your eyes.

Most people have discovered that their combination skin tends to become more balanced when they stop using the products that are either wrong for their particular skin type (i.e. emollient for their T-zones or too absorbent for dry areas) or are made up of problem ingredients that cause the skin more harm than it does good. Let’s take A moment to discuss the products that are best for your combination skin.

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Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin 2017

1. Mattifying Skin Serum



If you are someone who struggles with patches of dry skin, then this Serum will definitely come in handy. This product alows you to add another layer of moisture to your skin. This is especially helpful if you find that there are certain areas of your skin that seem extra dry in those winter months. It’s lavender, petitgrain and oil-balancing oat flour can also add moisture while still keeping that annoying shiny skin at bay. The great thing about this particular product is that it is able to keep your skin hydrated without making it over-produce oil in order to compensate.

2. Clinique Foaming Cleanser.

Clinique Foaming Cleanser

People who wear a lot of makeup can identify with how difficult it can be to remove at times. This is especially the case if it is waterproof. This foam cleanser is one of the best cleansers for combination skin. It washes and lifts makeup (even sunscreen) with ease but does not lather so much that it robs your skin of all of its oils. Your face is left feeling creamy due to all of the soothing botanicals it contains. If you are interested in deep cleaning your combination skin without having that “tight” feeling in your face, then this product is ideal.

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3. Erno Laszlo Purifying Mask.

Erno Laszlo Purifying Mask

This purifying mask has a very large mixture of antibacterials so that you can easily exfoliate. For those who have breakout in certain areas it can help you tone and and moisturize. It’s salicylic acid will also help you to reduce white heads, black heads and spots. It is able to absorb all of your extra oil and will brighten your skin. And it you’re worrying about drying out your combination skin, don’t be. This mask has eucalyptus and peppermint but it only helps to give you a refreshing experience.

4. Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser.

Maybe you are someone who struggles with a lot of dead skin? Well, this exfoliating cleanser can help you to find the healthiest layers. It contains smooth microbeads which help you to slough off dead cells without much effort. And the skin is able to retain it’s moisture thanks to the glycerin that i contains. If you are on the hunt for a formula that feels gentle, not scratchy, and that you can easily wash off without that gritty residue, then this would be a great option.

5. Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion.

Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion

People who struggle with oily skin will often skip moisturizer altogether because they feel that they have enough moisture in their face. However, this could not be further from the truth.Moisturizing your skin will not make it produce more oil–specifically if you choose one that can adapt to your t-zone and dry cheeks combination. Clarins Hydra-Matter Lotion does just that and it reduces all of the redness, regulates your oil production, tightens your pores, absorbs all of the oil and reduce the shine. It’s kind of an all-in-one product.

6. REN Clarifying Toning Lotion.

REN Clarifying Toning Lotion

Are you mostly interested in fighting the oily, breakout-prone T-zone that happens to come with your combination skin? Sometimes some of the best combination skin care comes in the form of a toner. This This particular toner lotion is hands down one of the best skin care products for combination skin because it is A more gentle alternative to the average astringent. It uses exfoliating enzymes as well as willow bark in order to keep the pores tight and clear.

7. Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Face Tonic.

Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Face Tonic

Toners have A tendency to dry out skin and set your sebum production into overdrive in order to compensate for the dryness. This is the exact opposite of what your skin will need. Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Face Tonic id non-drying and camphor-based. It’s an antiseptic toner which contains soothing aloe and that reduces inflammation in skin prone to flare ups.

8. Cover FX Primer

Cover FX Primer

Primers are excellent for evening out the skin tone and keeping your make-up in place, however if you are already dealing with clogged, congested skin then the temptation is to leave your skin entirely bare. This particular primer is perfect for those who have oily skin as it contains anti-acne treatment that can heal and prevent blemishes. It’s also very lightweight and makes the pores and fine lines appear less visible.

9. Beautiful Skin Night Cream

boot bautiful skin no 7

If you are familiar with skin care ingredients, then you know that glycerin tends to sinks right in to moisturize without clogging the pores. Zinc as well as witch hazel regulate oil production. Also, vitamins E and C will brighten the skin and give you a radiant glow. Well, these are all properties of Beautiful Skin Night Cream.

As you can see, if you want to find the most helpful product for your skin, you need to pay attention to ingredients. It’s best to look for natural skin care products for combination skin. The best products are those that take several different skin types into consideration. Whatever you choose, make sure that you do the proper amount of research.

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