Home and Professional Facial Steamer Reviews

If you want your skin looks young and youthful like the celebrities like J-Lo or Halle Berry, the best facial steamer is the solution. In this guide, we have listed 2 top rated products available in the market.

Have you ever looked at the celebrity you love the most and wonder how he or she manages to look young always? Take for example Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry, they both look very young without wrinkles on their faces yet they are about to clock 50 years in age.

The trick that they use to make sure their skin looks young and youthful is using a face steamer. This machine works wonders on the skin of anyone by the use of water as it removes dead skin easily and also penetrates deep into the skin of the user so as to remove pollutant oils and dirt that may be in your skin. This is usually the main cause of acne whereby the affected person suffers from clogged pores.

Best Facial Steamer 2017/2018 Reviews


This is one of the best sellers products in the market. Some celebrities prefer it because it is effective in making any skin look young and youthful.

This is purely because it is made from exquisite and excellent materials so that it can give you the quality service you expect from it.

Some of the features that make it be magnificent is :

  • It has a Nano ionic hot mist facial sprayer and an automatic shut-off timer setting that are both designed to help in moisturizing your skin. If you want the best professional facial steamer or sauna spa at the comfort of your house, this is one of the best options for you.
  • It works for whitehead acne removal, blackheads removal, deep skin cleansing, microdermabrasion and aromatherapy. All these plus multifunctional ozone steamer help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin to youthful complexion. It has an ultrasonic vaporiser that produces hot facial mist steam in an instant. This helps it penetrates deeps into your skin for the ultimate nourishment.
  • It can humidify a room or a towel by the click of one button that is super convenient. It also can be used to sterilize objects. It provides quick nourishment, absorption and replenishment that helps improve skin texture by unclogging pores so as to improve blood circulation.

Pros and Cons

  • It penetrates the deepest parts of your skin hence removing oils, pollutants and dirt thereby increasing blood circulation. This makes your skin youthful and tender.
  • It has an intelligent temperature control that helps avoid burning and unnecessary accidents.
  • It removes dead skin cells that cause skin to harden and have wrinkles.
  • It tightens the skin thereby making it look young and smooth.


  • Due to it producing steam, it can burn the user on the face.
  • The steam it produces is too little to cover the entire face.


KRSAR’s Nano Facial Steamer

This device combines an ultrasonic vaporiser with a steamer to produce a nano steam that is exquisite and magnificent for steaming any skin. If you have skin that is hard and rough, this machine will help return your skin to its youthful stage.

Not only will it make it soft and tender but also it will open up the pores in your skin so as to improve blood circulation thereby eliminating facial wrinkles by firming your skin.

It comes equipped with a blemish extractor kit and a stainless-steel blackhead that helps it removing the dirt, oils and pollutants from your skin. It has a chamber that helps warm towels for the ultimate nourishment and refreshment.

Pros and Cons

  • It helps improves skin blood circulation, skin cells oxygen absorption and cell vitality so as to make your skin look younger.
  • It increases the absorption of beauty creams into your skin so that they can be effective.
  • It improves drainage of the ariways and sinuses.


  • The hot steam can burn your face.


Panasonic Facial Steamer

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All About Professional and Facial Steamers for Home Use

Facial Sauna, Mini & Portable Facial Steamer

It sounds like torture devices, doesn’t it? Or maybe cooking utensils? Well they could easily be both if you don’t know how to use them or you bought a crappy unsafe one. Well first of all, a face steamer is exactly what they sound like, they steam your face. Sounds painful?

No, not really, it’s just like being in a sauna. And not surprisingly, facial steaming is a regular offering in beauty and massage parlors. That is because of the various cleansing and healing qualities heat brings to the skin. For gaining a healthy and fresh looking skin there is a beauty machine called face steamer( known also as a facial sauna, steamer for face or steam facial machine) that deliver the steam through it.

At Home Facial Steamer For Acne

If you have an acne problem then this is the most preferable machine that you should use to get rid of acne. People use several medications and instruments to save themselves from this skin problem but the only machine that can save your skin is at home face steamer because it cleanse deep down and do not allow any acne to form its place in your pores.


Face steamer is a device that can be easily used in homes and its treatment can provide you a sparkling, and glowing skin. The steam which releases from the steamer excites the skin cells and helps to improve your skin tone and also makes your skin more flexible. Through the hydration process, the steamer clears out the dirt that remains stick in to the pores which usually results in acne.


Oil and dirt are the main causes of acne because they assemble in the pores of the skin but the steamer open those skin pores by producing sweat on the skin which causes all the dirt and oil to come out of those open pores and finally the chances of acne becomes much less.

The skin can become much younger and fresh because the steamer removes EVERY harmful chemical on the skin and make the circulation of blood on the skin, which eventually reduces the wrinkles and fine lines, and also it is a very good way for relaxation as well for women.

DIY Face Steamers

Ones own steamer for face can be made easily in home for this heat a pot full of water and add the herb of your own choice like chamomile or lavender when the water starts heating. After a boil remove the pot from the stove and place it on the table or anywhere where you can position yourself easily.

Cover your face with towel, lean on the pot considering not getting your face too close to the pot, as it can be a bit dangerous. And then let the steam pass through your skin but this process should not be more than 15 minutes and at the end cover your face with cold wash cloth to close pores.

Purchasing A Best Home Facial Steamer for Acne

Facial steamers are not too difficult to use and also not much costly every one can buy it easily and if you want a good quality steamer then there are two brands for facial steamer for home use that are Revlon and conair.

The Revlon facial kit also provides you with a manicure kit so that you can professionally care for your hands and fingernails and make yourself feel relax. The conair facial steamer kit is another brand which provides you with the steam facial machine along with a sinus cone to reduce the cavity and through which the pus is discharged.

Facial Steamer Benefits

  1. We all know the importance of a steam facial machine that it helps to keep our skin fresh and clear. You must be aware of other products that are in the market and are just worthless. The products would simply claim much but in reality, they are just a fluff. They do not give the required result. Facial steamers are quite different from other products that are sold in market. There are a lot of benefits of these machines which you must know.
  2. If you have an acne problem then this is the most preferable machine that you should use to get rid of acne. People use several medications and instruments to save themselves from this skin problem but the only machine that can save your skin is steam facial machine because it cleanse deep down and do not allow any acne to form its place in your pores. It would remove pimples and by often use you can get rid of pimples forever.
  3. Popping out pimples would leave marks on your face and that would not look good what you can do is that you can use the steamer to open the pores and to remove all the dirt and then after cleaning you can use cold water to close. This would help you to be away from any dirt and any toxic material that is on your face. If you use the machine on daily basis then it is guaranteed that it would save you from any acne scars or any skin disorder.
  4. Facial steamers are quite effective in a way that they clear the dirt while most others product are unable to do so. Dirt is present inside of your skin layer and only facial steaming can reduce it and eventually finish it. Steamer helps you to open your pores and once they are open, you can clean your face by removing all the dirt out from the skin. This would only help you fight against acne . You must try an at home facial steamer for better results.

How to Use the Facial Sauna

Facial saunas are meant to give you a facial in the comfort of your home. The devices use steam for deep cleansing of the facial pores. Its regular use not only helps in improving skin appearance but also reduces pimples, acne and other skin problems. Since steam is focused towards the face, it can also be used for relief of nasal congestion or cold.
  • Step 1. Pour water in the reservoir of sauna after measuring its exact amount as per the specifications of your brand of facial sauna. Put the facial mask on the sauna.
  • Step 2. Plug the machine and turn it on. Allow it to pre heat for three to five minutes; duration of time may vary according to the type and size of sauna.
  • Step 3. While you wait for the sauna to heat, clean your face in order to remove all dust particles and makeup you may be wearing at that time.
  • Step 4. Bend your face down, placing it in the opening of facial mask. Feel the steam on your face. Adjust the intensity by moving your face closer or farther away as per your comfort. Preferably, use a towel over your head for creating concentration of steam.
  • Step 5. Time duration for steaming your face can be between 5 to 30 minutes, as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Step 6. Dry your face gently after the procedure is completed. Apply suitable moisturizer for your skin.
  • Step 7. Turn off the sauna machine, allow it cool down and then draining any remaining water. Clean the machine as per directions given by the manufacturing company and keep it in a neat and safe place until next use.

Tips and Warnings

Always clean your hands before touching your face. Your skin will be exfoliated after sauna and before applying moisturizer- so make sure your hands and the products you use are all safe. Deep inhalation of few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the sauna helps in removing congestion. If your facial sauna stops producing steam before time, turn off the machine, add more water and resume the procedure.Always remain cautious while using electric appliances with water. Read the manual and instructions carefully. Do not move the unit when it has water. Steam can easily burn so be very cautious. Do not use the sauna as humidifier and do not turn on the facial sauna without water.

Remember This!

Before touching your face, don’t forget to clean your hands . Your skin will be exfoliated after sauna and before applying moisturizer- so make sure your hands and the products you use are all safe.

How Facial Sauna works

A face steamer is a machine that uses water that has been converted to steam so as to cleanse and moisturize the skin of the user. It helps to open up pores inside the skin and also cures acne. The operation of this equipment is quite simple. This makes it easy for a person to buy it and use it home without the help of a professional.

It has special dermabrasion sponges and cleaning pads that remove skin cells that are dead. It has a padded silicone funnel and simple controls. It also has a water reservoir that heats up when a switch is flicked on. Its timer helps to do quick facial and deep steaming. You can also add essentials oils into the water so as to enhance the cleaning.

How to Use a Facial Steamer

There are portable and professional facial steamers, but the real differences between the two are just the durability and functions. The steamer for face has reservoirs that you fill with hot water. This water is further heated by the steamer to vaporize it, and then it is slightly cooled before being released out the nozzle. This is so that your face will not be burned.

You need to regulate the heat of the steam to something tolerable to you. That is why good steamers come with a temperature regulator; some people just have lower pain thresholds than others. Using it simple, you just point the nozzle near your skin and let the steam flow. Some steamers come with a surface that also works as a massager, so you massage your face while steaming it.

After a session with the steamer for face and washing your face thoroughly with very mild soup, you can apply cold treatment to your skin using ice cubes. The reason for this, is that your pores are now wide open, allowing all the dirt you just removed to be replaced by those in your surroundings. The cold effectively closes your pores retaining that clean feeling. If you do not do the cold treatment it takes longer for your pores to close which allows dust time to get inside.

Tips to Choose Best Facial Sauna Steamer

Facial steamers are easily found in your local beauty shops or appliance store. For convenience you should choose steamers with the following properties:

  1. Light and compact
  2. The steam outlet should be able to release steam in a uniform manner
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Adjustable exhaust
  5. Has steam regulation
  6. A massaging surface would be a plus

Benefits of a Facial Sauna

This machine has some of the benefits include:

  1. It helps to get rid of acne. If you want to remove whiteheads and blackheads completely, make sure you use this device. It will help you treat breakouts. It opens up the pores inside your skin, it lifts up dirt, pollutants and oils onto the skin surface for them to be washed away.
  2. It kills facial wrinkles and skin aging. This is done bey shedding all the dead cells that have accumulated on top of your skin. This is the reason why old peoples’ skin usually looks dull and discoloured. When you use this home facial machine, it will help increase the blood circulation in your skin, slough away the dead cells and then tighten your skin so as to eliminate wrinkles and make it look young.
  3. Softening skin. Facial steaming will lift up onto the skin surface all the oils and pollutants inside your skin. This removes the hardness on your skin hence making it soft and tender.
  4. Facial steaming or even saunas have been known or proven even, to cleanse the skin deeply, renewing it inside and out. Heat opens up the pores of the skin and also makes it sweat; it is both of these actions that cleanse the skin thoroughly. All the clogged oil and dirt in the pores are removed, being pushed out by the sweat, since the pores are now bigger. Old and dead skin cells are also removed during these processes which leave a younger looking skin. Even wrinkles are greatly lessened.
  5.  Your skin ends up looking younger, smoother, and farer. This is a very good treatment for people with acne since it pushes out the bacteria along with the other dirt from within your pores. Effectively unclogging pores and allowing your skin to breathe again, drastically reducing flare-ups. You should consider having a facial steaming at least once a week if you are really busy, but if you have the luxury of time or you are just very concerned about your skin, you can do this every day.


In this article, we have discussed some options of the best facial steamers in the market. I hope this could help you to choose the right device.

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