Adult Acne Causes

Adult Acne Causes

What is the causes of acne? What is the difference between teen and adult acne? These two questions has been a mystery to many people out there. I shall solve for mystery to you.

If you happen to suffer from severe acne…….

The exact direct cause of acne is unknown in today’s science. However we do know of many indirect causes that can lead to acne.  Some of the factors people says causes acne include your diet, oily skin, exercise ect.ect.

Why is That a Teenage Puberty Will Lead to Acne

Basically it’ because when you are undergoing puberty, there will be a hormonal change going on in your body, this will causes hormonal imbalance.  So how does this hormonal imbalance rocket science thing got to do with that tiny little zit?

Allow me to explain from the root..

First you have to know that acne occurs when pores gets block(no one knows the reason why i gets block) and sebum, otherwise known as oil gets trap under the skin, begins to build up. Overtime a combination of bacteria and sebum would cause acne. So to prevent acne you have to get rid of the bacteria, unclog the pores or reduce the sebum produced.

So why does all this causes got to do with hormonal imbalance?

Relax my fine student, I appreciate your diligence. When your body undergoes hormonal imbalance, your body will produce excessive sebum automatically by itself. And the sebum produce would cause acne. It’s as simple as that.

Back to the second question

What is The Difference Between Teen Acne and Adult Acne

The causes of adult acne and teen acne are normally the same, just that adult tend to have unhealthier diet and are normally surrounded in a more stressful environment as compared to teens.

Teen acne normally occurs due to excessive sebum produced (due to puberty) and it normally comes with their oily skin. However there are also other factors contributing to this cause as well.

Adult acne however normally comes with oily and dry skin and some of the causes include stress (leads to hormonal imbalance) and diet. Because adult acne comes with dry skin too, treating adult acne with dry skin is even harder than treating oily skin. This is because many acne clearance products out there have efficient acne clearance effect but at the same time they also irritate your skin. Having a dry skin doesn’t allow you to use those products frequently.

Do you know?

Do you know that adult women tend to have adult acne more often than adult males?

The reason is because adult women tend to undergo hormonal change more often than men, and as you have learned previously, a hormonal change would lead to hormonal imbalance which would eventually cause acne.

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