Top 6 Best Drugstore Acne Products for Adults 2017

If you are searching for the best acne treatment , in this post, we have listed some of Best Drugstore Acne Products at the market including acne wash(cleanser) that actually treat adult acne at the root of the problem and will give you the clear skin you want.

What is The Best Acne Treatment for Adults?

When I had acne there was only one question on my mind. What is the best treatment for acne? I had to find out. Unfortunately, when I looked on the internet for the answer I was disappointed to find that no-one could answer this question.

I found that before they even attempted to give the information that I was looking for they were already shoving an acne product down my throat and saying that it was the best because it cured acne. How did it help acne?

Now I am not someone who will take marketing hype as a given and I hope that you aren’t too. I need facts or something to back up their claims that this product works and not just some celebrity, who probably has the clearest skin anyway, telling me that this product will make my skin the same as theirs. I don’t know about you but I am not going to believe that.

This is why we decided to make this website. After a massive research mission to clear our acne we know what makes an acne product work. And so you know now, it isn’t television advertising. The thing that makes an acne product work is what is inside the acne treatment. Obvious, right? Well you know to know what each ingredient does and how it helps acne which makes things slightly more complicated.

The 4 Essential Functions Needed to Treat Acne

So when we review an acne treatment we look at all the ingredients included and look at the system of applying the treatment and ask if it is going to perform the 4 essential functions needed to treat acne. These 4 functions are:

  1. Kill Bacteria
  2. Remove Sebum
  3. Unclog Pores
  4. Reduce Inflammation and redness

And not only does it have to do these things but an acne treatment also has to be kind to the skin and most importantly – kind to the pocket. If a treatment doesn’t get the results that the price suggests we chuck it out. We are not going to pay for marketing hype and we don’t want you to either.

So once everything is boiled down we are left with the best products for adult acne available and the price they should be sold at.

Top 6 Drugstore Acne Products in 2017

We have tested, investigated and used dozens of the top acne cleansers and here are our top 3 Acne Treatments. We have stripped back all the marketing and just stuck to what a treatment for acne should do.

So you can see how our top treatments match up for the 4 functions that need to be done when treating acne that we have explained above. We have also included “how kind it is to the skin” in the rating along with the treatment’s Value for money. Enjoy…

  1. Exposed Skin Care: The Most Effective Acne Treatment

    exposed skin care

    WHat is EXPOSED Skin Care? It’s a system that involves three steps – Cleaning your skin, Clearing your pores and acne and Treating your skin to eliminate pimple causing bacteria. The Cleaning stage rids your skin of harmful bacteria, exfoliates your skin and smooths out imperfections.

    The Clearing stage opens up clogged pores and reduces the excess oil that leads to acne. Not only does it help your acne, but also works to restore your skin and keep it at it’s healthiest. The Treatment stage eliminates pimple causing bacteria and controls excess oil production.

    This product was an easy choice for the recommended list. I get plenty of emails from happy customers and have seen the results first hand. Even better, Exposed offers a full one year money back guarantee to make sure you never have to worry about wasting your money.

    Stop waiting! Check out their website now to see more about this powerful product.


  2. Proactive

    One medication that has proven itself to be effective is Proactive. It is useful not only because Hollywood stars say so, but because many people around have used and tested it. It delivers results. If you are using any medication and start to use another one, Proactive or other, you’ll perhaps see that your acne gets even worst.

    Don’t panic if this happens to you. Acne is a long term illness and any treatment will only work if you plan for the long term. Don’t expect to cure your acne in less than 3 months.

    In some cases, your pimples will even get worst at the beginning. That doesn’t mean that the product is not working, it just means that your body is fighting the pimples. Fat pimples are the product of an infection that your body is fighting against. Don’t worry and don’t pop the pimples. This will only increase the risk of getting the dreaded acne scars.

    Remember, keep your skin clean, don’t pop the pimples, use a product like Proactive for a long term and don’t worry too much about it. Many, many teens get acne and some adults too – like women going through menopause.

    Using a product like Proactive will guarantee some improvement in the long term, if used according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Remember to use it consistently (three times a day) and preventively (before puberty) to get astonishing results. Well after your acne get cured, keep using this product, since acne is persistent and could always come back.


  3. Clearasil

    Clearasil is the most popular drugstore acne treatment for teens. It is not just a choice, but a necessity as an acne, red spots and pimples removal treatment. Many people use it daily and it has also been developed to be used daily.

    The product is a long-term treatment of acne highly appreciated due to its formula, designed for deep cleaning of the skin and to leave your skin smooth and fresh after every cleaning. It is only mildly abrasive, what is absolute necessary to treat acne, but not more than necessary. It is the product of many years of research, testing, and feedback by many users around the world.

    Clearasil is recommended to be used to prevent acne, although most people only start using it when they already get acne. It has no major negative side-effects whatever. If you have a severe acne, scars or defects may be inevitable without treatment. It cannot really eliminate pimples however, it treats acne, the cause of these and covers pimples.

    It is slightly dangerous for people with severe cases of acne using the product incorrectly. The cleansing must be very soft because it contains harsh micro particles that can irritate the already sensitive skin. It is prescribed to be used once every day. Using it more often won’t cure your acne.

    After cleaning, the pores are exposed to dirt and bacteria, such as the one that causes acne, so it is recommended to use an additional product (an acne cream or lotion) to protect your skin even after you wash up with Clearasil. The same company, Clearasil, also manufactures small towels for people who want to enhance their treatment.


    Clearasil acne medicine is a very complex formula, there are many ingredients in the product mixed in appropriate ratios so that the effect is a smoother, cleaner skin. The active ingredients are in Clearasil Resorcinol 2%, and 8% sulfur, there are some inactive ingredients like alcohol, bentonite, fragrance, SE of Glyceryl stearate, iron oxide, Isopropyl Myristate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Simethicone, Talc, Titanium dioxide, water SD.

    Possible Side-effects

    You might experience dryness or peeling, in which case you should simply reduce the frequency of use, or in serious cases, stop treatment and consult a doctor. Side-effects are quite uncommon.


The Best Adult Acne Treatment Products

If you are searching for top adult acne products which will work immediately, then unfortunately it may be easier said then done. Why? Before I explain, Let’s explore about the causes of acne in adults.

Adult Acne Causes

What is the causes of acne? What is the difference between adult and teenage acne? These two questions has been a mystery to many people out there. I shall solve for mystery to you.

If you happen to suffer from severe acne..The exact direct cause of acne is unknown in today’s science. However we do know of many indirect causes that can lead to acne.  Some of the factors people says causes acne include your diet, oily skin, exercise ect.ect.

Why is That a Teenage Puberty Will Lead to Acne

Basically it’ because when you are undergoing puberty, there will be a hormonal change going on in your body, this will causes hormonal imbalance.  So how does this hormonal imbalance rocket science thing got to do with that tiny little zit?

Allow me to explain from the root.. First you have to know that acne occurs when pores gets block(no one knows the reason why i gets block) and sebum, otherwise known as oil gets trap under the skin, begins to build up. Overtime a combination of bacteria and sebum would cause acne. So to prevent acne you have to get rid of the bacteria, unclog the pores or reduce the sebum produced.

So Why Does All This Causes Got to Do With Hormonal Imbalance?

When your body undergoes hormonal imbalance, your body will produce excessive sebum automatically by itself. And the sebum produce would cause acne. It’s as simple as that.

Back to the second question

What is The Difference Between Adult and Teenage Acne ?

The causes of acne in adults and teens are normally the same, just that adult tend to have unhealthier diet and are normally surrounded in a more stressful environment as compared to teens.

Teen acne normally occurs due to excessive sebum produced (due to puberty) and it normally comes with their oily skin. However there are also other factors contributing to this cause as well.

Acne in adults however normally comes with oily and dry skin and some of the causes include stress (leads to hormonal imbalance) and diet. Because acne in adults comes with dry skin too, treating the acne with dry skin is even harder than treating oily skin. This is because many acne clearance products out there have efficient acne clearance effect but at the same time they also irritate your skin. Having a dry skin doesn’t allow you to use those products frequently.

Do you know?

Do you know that adult women tend to have acne more often than adult males? The reason is because adult women tend to undergo hormonal change more often than men, and as you have learned previously, a hormonal change would lead to hormonal imbalance which would eventually cause acne.

Tips to Choose The Right Acne Treatment For Adults

Acne occurs in teens and adults. Some folks may have breakouts more often than other people. No matter who is affected, blemishes are always noticeable and at times can be so severe that it may leave permanent scarring on the face, chest or back. Whether or not you had acne as a teen, you may be facing this problem now as an adult. If you are searching for acne solutions which will work immediately, then unfortunately it may be easier said then done.

  • The acne product you decide on will depend upon your skin type. Depending on whether you have an oily, dry or T-zone complexion, you will need to find a remedy for your particular situation. If you have dry skin, then it poses two separate problems. The first problem is removing the pimples from the area and the second dilemma is using a remedy which will not dry it out even more. You will need to find a way to replenish the skin with a moisturizer that does not cause more of a breakout.
  • The acne product on the shelf may not be for you. There are several different antidotes available on store shelves and each one acts similar. Some of these solutions are specifically for dry skin and other products are for oily. Make sure you read the labels if you are buying a conventional remedy.
  • One of the best adult acne products may be in your kitchen cabinet. You can take care of breakouts by using simple natural methods which help to heal the pimples from the inside out. When you use holistic cures, the body accepts the ingredients and helps you heal faster by making your skin stronger. Natural procedures usually do not cause major side effects, although you may see a light rash or irritation where applied. This situation usually goes away if you quit using the item for a few days.

There are several advantages to using home remedies to relieve the blemishes. They are inexpensive and easy to get your hands on, just take a trip to the local grocery store. You can purchase everyday items which you can use when you have a breakout until you get the underlying problem fixed.

It is important you use the same acne product for your outbreak as long as it works. However, after a while a conventional remedy may stop working and you will need to find another type of relief. You may choose to try holistic remedies for acne which do not produce side effects and can provide you with the permanent results you want. You need to keep looking for the proper solution until you find the method which gives you successful results.

Some Acne Treatment Options for Adults

As you know, there are so many different remedies available on the market that many individuals will feel overwhelmed with the options. Other people will feel they might be spending money on an antidote which does not work. So, what may be the most effective acne treatment available today for consumers to purchase and to get more for their money?

There are several name brands which promise to be the best products for adult acne and guarantee results. You want one which ranks high and is recommended by many people including dermatologists.

  • Coventional Acne Treatments

    Conventional acne products for adults will combine many different ingredients which will make your skin become more nourished as well as clear your blemishes. Some of these antidotes, as you will notice, contain a solution consisting of benzoyl peroxide, green tea, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, licorice, jojoba, azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid and BHA and AHA complex. With all of these key ingredients, you will be able to finally cure those horrible breakouts for good.

    Another conventional solution is a kit which includes a clarifying mask, facial cleanser, clearing tonic, serum, clear pore serum and a moisture complex. With all of these steps in one process you may notice results within a week after using the products as directed. At the same time, it is the azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid and benzoyl peroxide which causes side effects including a worse rash. When this happens you need to stop using the product immediately and cleanse your face with warm water. Do not scrub your face, just dab it.

  • Natural Acne Treatments

    On the other hand, if you are someone who does not feel you need to spend a lot on blemish remedies, then you may want to try something which you can do on your own. The most effective acne medication using holistic methods would be olive leaf extract.

    Olive leaf extract is an anti-fungal herb, which will kill the yeast and molds that make bacteria grow. This item will kill the virus which is making your breakout spread around your face. This ingredient may be the most effective treatment for acne which is available in either pill form or liquid form.

    Olive leaf extract is not only used for acne but also to make the overall health of your system feel cleaner and healthier. It will make you feel better from the inside out. Since olive leaf extract is quite potent, you may begin to feel flu like symptoms or even diarrhea when taking this product for the first few days until your body is use to it. If you feel these side effects are too much to handle just to treat blemishes, then you may want to stop and call your dermatologist. It may be something worse than just an outbreak.

Always remember, there are good acne products for for everyone. However, it just may take a few attempts to find the correct method for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Acne Treatment for Adults

Many people who are stuck with acne in adults have been searching for the best acne treatments that work. It might sound absurd but there are many people out there, and you could be one of them, who have actually bought acne clearing products that have in fact worsened their acne condition.

  • Know your product first before you purchase them.
    Dismayed, frustrated and even annoyed, they will be wondering what they have wrong. Without adequate knowledge about treatments for adult acne, you could easily be on the list of victims. After all, there’s so much complication about skin type, product suitability, side effects or even genes issues. Know your product first before you purchase them.
  • Different Types of Adult Acne Require Different Types of Treatment

    One common reason why people’s acne doesn’t clear as fast as expected is because they did not use the best suits treatment for their specific acne type. That’s why knowing about the right acne treatment and acne types are so important that I would rate it as the top rated acne medication. For the best result produced please go and read up about the treatments for specific acne types. Some common facts includes topical treatment don’t really work on severe acne and accutane would work best for it.

    Acne would only occur when there are three conditions.

    1. When the pores are blocked
    2. Excess sebum production
    3. when bacteria are present.

    If anyone of the conditions is not fulfilled there, won’t be any acne eruption.

    You can target one of the factors strongly and try to prevent that one factors from occurring, with that you can quite successfully prevent acne too.

    Preventing the bacteria will be the hardest and probably not the best choice. There are millions of bacteria presents in our body and it would be hard for you to try to kill all the P.acne, which causes acne. Besides, by consuming antibiotics to clear bacteria, you are also killing all the good bacteria in your body, this could harm your health.

    Perhaps try target removing excess sebum and unclogged pores would be easier for you. There are many acne products out there allowing you to remove excess sebum and unclogged pores, some with the benefits of both. Choose the right product suitable for your skin by reading about the types of treatment for each types of acne.

  • Different Types of People Requires Different Types of Treatment

    Another main reason why you should not follow the hype and instead you should acquire knowledge of product before purchasing is because products produce different results for different kinds of people. An adult acne treatment that worked best for your friends or even relatives could work worse for you instead.

Final Verdict

Equip yourself more info about acne in adults surely beats trial and error using acne products for adults on your skin. It’s not wise to play a scientific experiment with your skin. Save your money, learn about acne treatment before you make your next drugstore acne products purchases.

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