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In this post, we discuss why do I have acne, what acne causes are, how the symptoms of acne occur and how to get rid of it with the best solution for acne..

Well, we know acne is extremely annoying! It affects millions and millions of people and can cause low self-esteem and great distress. However, it’s important to know that it is extremely common and almost everyone will get acne in some form or another in their lifetime.

So What is Acne? And Why Do I get These Pimples ?

It happens when the pores of your skin get clogged up from the oil that your sebaceous glands excrete. Skin pores are actually tiny openings for hair follicles. If the openings are fairly large – you get a blackhead because the center of the pimple darkens from exposure to the air. If the opening is small, you are left with a whitehead – a small, closed bump that appears whiter than the normal color of your skin.

These plugged pores can turn into deeper more severe pimples that are inflammed, filled with puss, lumps or extremely tender or painful.

Pimple and Acne Causes

I will have to say that it is not the most important thing to know what causes acne. But it will help you grow your knowledge about pimple and acne causes so that you can treat it more effectively that those who don’t although you may come to the conclusion that there are not pretty much to know about the what causes acne.

There are many conflicts on the exact cause of acne and pimples. Let’s take “foods that cause acne” as an typical example.

Scientists and researchers may tell us that food has nothing to do with the acne outbreaks. However, some people who are suffering from acne may tell you that they have had pimples around their face only because of the chocolate bars they couldn’t help eating the night before.

One cause of acne that make the most sense to me and most people agree on is hormonal imbalance.

Acne and causes and teens. One good example is the fact that many of us become acne sufferers when we become an adolescent.

This imbalance of hormones in our body is also manifested in our psychological cycles, especially for females.

I have found out through research and self-experiencing that acne is more related to the lifestyle that we assume than one single food or some part of the body. But if you are determined to understand or dig deeper into the various causes of acne and pimples, you might want to check out the following factors.

  • Fluctuation of androgen
  • Oil ingestion
  • Steroids you use or medication that you take
  • Dietary habits
  • Proper exercises
  • Junk foods
  • Vitamin defficiency
  • Seasons
  • Lack of Zinc

Cause of Acne : Hormon Changes

Nearly all cases of acne are the result of changes in hormone levels. In this post we are going to discuss what happens in the skin that causes the symptoms to appear as this helps in understanding how the acne treatments work and therefore helps you find the best one.  So now we accept that hormone changes are causing acne, let’s see how.

A normal hair follicle that does not have acne

Stage 1

Changes in hormones mean that the sebaceous gland in the hair follicle starts to produce more sebum. We are not sure why, but this is how it all starts. You can see from this picture the hair follicle is made up of a hair, sebaceous gland, and a pore (the hole that is on the surface of the skin). The sebaceous gland normally produces oil that is known as Sebum. The skin and hair needs this oil in order to function properly but during times of hormone change an excess of this of oil (or Sebum) is produced.

Stage 2

The second stage in the Acne process is when a blockage occurs in the skin. This blockage happens in a number of ways, one way is by the build up of dead skin cells that stop the Sebum (or oil) being released to the surface of the skin. Another way that the blockage happens is that the size of the pore is small so that the oil can not be released to the surface quickly enough. And finally, this blockage can occur simply because the sebum has quite a high viscosity meaning that it is sticky and therefore when it sits in the follicle it stays there and stops the release of more sebum when it is produced.
This is the first sign of acne appearing

Stage 3

Now that there is a blockage stopping oil from being released to the surface of the skin, this means that when more oil is produced it has nowhere to go so a build up of pressure occurs. As this diagram shows this causes a swelling which is when a spot or pimple starts to occur. The more oil that is produced when this blockage is there the larger this spot or pimple will be.
Bacteria living in the hair follicle

Stage 4

Within the pore there is now a build up of sebum that is staying where it is and it is in this sebum “reservoir” that bacteria finds a perfect breading ground so it starts to multiply.




Stage 5

As the bacteria starts to grow and increase in numbers the body’s immune system will try to fight off these bacteria and so will release white blood cells that normally kill the bacteria that is causing the infection. This release of white blood cells (commonly called pus) means that there is an increase of more substance into an already blocked hair follicle which makes the problem worse as now there is a build up of pus and sebum. This is when the worst symptoms of acne start to occur.
So there we have it, the progression of acne from hormone change to the worst symptoms of acne. As we can see from these stages it is important to treat acne when it gets to Stage 1 as this will stop the development of pimples and keep the skin clear.

Luckily there are treatments, both natural and scientific, that effectively stop this progression and help those pimples that have already formed. For more information on how they do this you can read our post on Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid or got to the full reviews of our top products to read what natural ingredients they have and how they work to clear acne:

Why Do I Have Acne

Many sufferers of acne would like an answer to the question “why do people get acne?”. It is understandable as acne is a condition that can run from a mild inconvenience to a severely uncomfortable skin problem that is not only physically painful but can really effect self esteem and make some people miserable for the duration of those acne years. If you are one of the more severe cases, don’t worry, as even though acne is not yet curable it is treatable so that it would be like acne isn’t there as long as you maintain your treatment regimen.

So, why do some people get acne ? Well, nearly all forms of acne are caused by hormonal changes (if you would like to know why these hormone changes lead to acne please visit our Causes of Acne post which will explain the progression of acne from changes in hormones to the development of severe symptoms, giving you an understanding of acne which will help you to find the best treatment)

As acne is caused by changes in hormone levels breakouts can occur:

  • Teen acne . This is the most common time when acne occurs. Over 80% of teenagers aged between 13 and 17 will experience acne at some point and this is from the hormone changes that occur when the body goes through puberty.
  • Pregnancy Acne. There are a number of hormone changes during pregnancy and some woman find that this can lead to acne. This is a difficult time to treat acne so for more detailed information you can read our post on Best and Safe Acne Treatment During Pregnancy.
  • Menstrual Acne. Some woman can find that the hormone changes at stages of their menstrual cycle can cause temporary outbreaks of acne.
  • Birth Control Pills Acne. Some oral contraceptives can bring on hormone changes that lead to acne. However, there are some that work in the opposite way and can actually be used to treat acne so it is always worth speaking to you doctor if you are finding that a contraceptive is bringing on acne
  • Adult acne. This is a condition that is slightly more obscure as it is often difficult to identify where hormone changes occurred. However, it is not uncommon with 1% of male adults experiencing it and 5% of adult females. Causes of Adult Acne are a little different from those of teen acne. Find out what the differences are in this post.

These are the main occurrences of acne and there are more when hormone changes occur. If you would like to know about the technical causes of acne, by that we mean what is happening in the skin when acne symptoms occur, please go to our causes of acne post.

Solutions for Acne

So can acne be treated? Is there any hope besides just waiting it out? Thankfully – yes! There are proven ways to treat acne and reduce or even eliminate it from your life. Acne doesn’t have to get you down – you just have to step up to the plate and fight it! And the sooner you start, the quicker you will see results.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different products out there that claim to be the best solution for acne. The treatments fall into two main categories: Oral and Topical.

  • Topical Treatments come in the form of gels, lotions or creams and are applied directly to the skin. They have a variety of ingredients in them that are meant to reduce skin inflammation and unclog pores in order to treat the acne. Some of these products are outright scams – others are extremely effective. The key is to make sure the ingredients in them are actually proven to work – a good start is to visit our recommended treatment page to read up on the best ones out there.
  • Oral treatments are prescriptions drugs(pills) that usually are classified as “antibiotics”. The most commonly prescribed ones are tetracycline and erythromycin.

For females, there are low-dose birth control pills that some have found to be effective. They work by lowering hormonal activity and the amount of oil produced by the body’s oil glands.

For very severe forms of acne, a prescription drug called isotretinoin (brand name Accutane) is available. It can be very effective at treating severe acne and eliminating it long-term. However, there are many side effects and it is a fairly controversial drug. Some doctors will not even prescribe it as they question the safety of it. Read about it here.

If you are looking for a treatment we would recommend finding out the severity of your acne in the Types of Acne page as that will help you get the Best Adult Acne Treatment

If you are one of the millions of people dealing with acne and you want to learn how to treat it effectively, visit our home page and click the acne menu.

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