Best Acne-Free Diet to Get Rid of Pimples

Best Anti Acne Diet To Cure Pimples

There has been some controversy about diet relationship with acne. Though diet is not the direct cause of acne, but diet contributes in acne causes as well as acne’s treatment. Hence, diet plays an important role in both treatment and prevention of acne.

Having a balanced anti-acne diet definitely can help to get rid of acne. There have been acne myths going on saying about chocolates and French fries would trigger acne which is not true. However, though chocolates itself does not cause acne, the high sugar level in chocolates can trigger acne eruption.

My opinion is that a balanced acne-free diet plays a crucial factor in acne’s prevention, even more important than over the counters product used for acne’s prevention.

A picture paints a thousand words, I shall present to you the pyramid of acne cure diet, it can only be found exclusively on our website. Allow me to present to you . One key thing I have to say before I start explaining about this acne-free pyramid.

A balanced diet is more important than a healthy diet to cure acne.

Why is it so? I shall reveal the shocking truth, some of the most recommended food for a normal health pyramid like dairy products and cereals are some of the prime culprits for causing your acne. Whereas for some of the most recommend food to get rid of acne like zinc and vitamins, the amount of intake also must be limit as excessive zinc and vitamins would become toxin in your body. Therefore we can conclude that a balanced diet is more important than a healthy diet for an acne treatment (don’t you think so).

  • Back to the pyramid, zinc has been known for its magical effects to cure acne. Some self-proclaimed experts even compare zinc effectiveness to tetracycline (a topical antibiotic for acne medication).
  • Water and chromium both are one of the best available natural treatments for acne. Water helps to clear all the toxins in your body and chromium helps to control the production of insulin, which can cause hormonal imbalance and eventually cause acne.
  • Vitamin E aids in wounds’ healing which makes acne recovery faster and selenium helps absorption of vitamin E better.
  • Vitamin A assists the recovery process; Vitamin B5 controls your body’s stress hormones and Vitamin B6 enhance body’s functioning ability.

What You Should Avoid

  • You should avoid fats, caffeine and antibiotics in your diet because fats increase sebum production which will cause acne. Caffeine would increase the stress hormones in your body which will cause hormonal imbalance.
  • Antibiotic that doesn’t kill bacteria that cause acne is also harmful because they kill the “good” bacteria in our body which helps in digestion and rid the toxins in our body.
  • Avoid taking too much dairy products and iodine as they also contribute significantly to the causes of acne. Yes dairy product is a recommended health product, but dairy product is a black listed product for acne.
  • If you don’t intend to cut down on your dairy product and iodine intake, than should seriously consider cutting down on your refined carbohydrate and sugar. Sugar is truly a must if you really want to put an end to your acne nightmare. Sadly, refined carbohydrates can be as harmful as sugar in causing acne.

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